Research & Innovation

Optimal has an incredible depth of experience to share with the local government, civil, stormwater, manufacturing, service and construction industries. Optimal has made exciting advances in trashrack design with using a new graduated trashrack technology. This robust and well documented technology is delivering outstanding water quality results.

Stormwater Research & Innovation works

Stormwater harvesting requires flow diversion and offtake design. Optimal has developed bespoke solutions for this including the submerged maxi screen (SMS) design a reliable design able to precluding solids from entering the harvesting pump stations thus protecting the pumps.

If you have a concept discuss it with Optimal who will provide honest and intelligent feedback on your ideas saving you capital and energy on fruitless concepts.

If you are a manufacture we would welcome the opportunity to discuss way to improve the performance of your technologies.

Numerous other advances are being made and we a keen to discuss partnerships with likeminded organisations focused on the stormwater industry.