Optimal Stormwater audit stormwater quality assets, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) systems and stormwater harvesting infrastructure. Optimal have championed the need for auditing to benefit the industry and are sharing the outcomes through industry engagement, publications and training.

With concern escalating on the impact of litter and plastics on waterways and marine environments focus is turning on these assets to ensure their functionality and benefit is realised. Through GPT, WSUD and stormwater harvesting auditing our goal is to empower managers with priorities, budget to carry out works to ensure they are operational and able reduce pollution discharge to the environment.

Similar patterns of deterioration and rectification works have emerged and Optimal is happy to share our experience with the industry. The graph illustrates the state of play for many LGAs.

Source – Optimal Stormwater Audit Outcome 50+ stormwater quality improvement devices from one LGA (NSW)

Gross pollution traps, trashracks, basins.

Our auditing work has established Optimal as leaders in this field. The technical and engineering skills and resources acquired over 30 years are now deployed into stormwater harvesting, wsud assets and waterways.

Through our auditing we identify asset condition, specification and rectification works needed to improve performance and optimise operating regimes to ensure best value. Often reasons for lack of performance are easily identified and rectification carried.

Physical auditing is complimented with catchment mapping, characterisation and pollution modelling (MUSIC).

Stormwater, rainwater, groundwater harvesting

Our stormwater harvesting team has provided auditing services for over 30 stormwater harvesting projects in the last 12 months.

Our experience and lessons learned is the subject of technical papers for the benefit of the stormwater industry.

Our auditing draws on experience from our water and wastewater industries who’s experience and skills eclipse those when it comes to process, automation and mechanical design.

WSUD (biofiltration) & waterways

Little data on field performance of biofiltration is currently available.

Our work in this area will identify deficiencies in media, design and operation on the biofilter. We intend to continue to advocate for resources from asset and maintenance managers to implement ongoing monitoring of these wsud asserts