We have grown!  14 years on Optimal have the equivalent of 18 full-time staff supported by a fantastic team of subcontractors and consultants.  Optimal has enjoyed outstanding success in all area of the business and look to the future with much confidence.

Optimal is dedicated to all aspects of stormwater from auditing of stormwater quality assets such as GPTs, trashracks, WSUD and stormwater harvesting projects to planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance research and innovation.

Optimal Stormwater’s experience, capabilities and services are focused on delivering the best long-term outcome for construction, operation and management of stormwater quality and harvesting projects.

Optimal Stormwater considers stormwater quality and quantity impacts on the environment and seeks to manage these effectively. These new asset classes require unique skills to audit, design, manage and rectify and Optimal’s services are tailored to delivery these.

Optimal is unique in that we provide design and construction services. We investigate feasibility and specification, prepare concepts and detailed design then procurement and construction.

We remain present throughout the life cycle including auditing of stormwater quality and harvesting assets and provision of operation and maintenance for harvesting solutions. Having practical experience informs our designs making them easier to build, improves performance and cost effective to maintain.