Optimal Stormwater are leaders in auditing, design, operation and construction of stormwater quality assets including gross pollution traps, sediment ponds, trashracks and water sensitive urban design. Complimenting this is our auditing, operation and maintenance services for stormwater, rainwater and groundwater harvesting schemes.

Stormwater Services

Stormwater Service Auditing


Optimal Stormwater audit stormwater quality and water sensitive urban design (WSUD) assets and stormwater harvesting infrastructure. Optimal have championed the need for auditing to benefit the industry and are sharing the outcomes through industry engagement, publications and training.

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Stormwater Service Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Optimal Stormwater have capabilities to optimise, operate and maintain stormwater, rainwater and groundwater harvesting projects. Our operation and maintenance team is mobile, accessible 24/7 and resourced for a full range of projects.

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Stormwater Service Consulting & Design

Consulting & Design

Our team offers a full range of engineering capability including gpts, basins, biofiltration and harvesting specification and design, hydraulic and engineering reports, planning, flood modelling, due diligence, earthworks, civil and stormwater design, peer review, and construction documentation.

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Stormwater Service Minor Works

Minor Works

Optimal have the experience, resources and sub- contractors to conduct rectification works for gross pollution traps, trashracks, biofiltration and harvesting projects to reinstate their performance.

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Stormwater Service Construction


Optimal Stormwater provide construction for gross pollution traps, sediment traps, trashracks and stormwater, rainwater and ground water harvesting projects.

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Stormwater Service Research & Development

Research & Innovation

Optimal has an incredible depth of experience to share with the civil, stormwater, manufacturing, service and construction industries. Ultimately our industry engages with all of these sectors.

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Quality Assurance

Occupational health management, quality procedures and environmental management has international standards organisation (ISO) certification.

assurance as nzs 4801
assurance iso 9001
assurance iso 14001

Industry Partners

Stormwater Industry Association
LGP Procurement
Australian Water
Engineers Australia
Standards Australia