Wonthaggi Stormwater Harvesting Design Project – Bass Coast Shire Council

Optimal Stormwater was selected for the design of a stormwater harvesting solution in Wonthaggi Recreational Reserve for Bass Coast Shire Council.

The project involved catchment analysis, water use analysis, MUSIC modelling, water balances, primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, purpose designed treatment shed, raw water storage tank design, flood detention, retention and re-use, flood mitigation, cost-benefit analysis, construction specifications and design report.

The solution involved a GPT, an underground raw water storage tank, an earth bund for mitigation, a grate for detention, bio-filtration trench for reuse, an above ground treatment shed with a pump system directed to the existing irrigation infrastructure on the sports field to provide irrigation for 3 sports ovals to reduce Councils total potable water usage by 25%.

The reference for this project is Asset Officer Mr. Laurie Gervasi 03 5671 2731, 0438 550 814

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The project is the subject of three technical papers and three presentations titled “Wonthaggi Stormwater Harvesting, Detention, Retention & Re-use” submitted to and presented at the VIC, NSW and National 2014 Stormwater Conferences.