Waterloo Oval Stormwater harvesting pretreatment

Optimal Stormwater was engaged to do the construction of a large stormwater harvesting project at Waterloo in Sydney. City of Sydney are the client and the CDS unit GPT on the project was a P1009.

Optimal have extensive experience with this GPT, and as a result made several suggestions about ways to improve the functionality of the device, all of which were accepted. The device treats a little 4ha catchment via a drop offtake on a 600mm stormwater line.

Treated flow will either enter a pumpwell next to the CDS unit, or flow through to an arterial Sydney Water stormwater main downstream.

Being in a roadway, there was significant traffic management and other obstacles to overcome, but the device went in very well, with a little bit of customisation to take flows from 2 directions, and also to have 2 outlets.

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