Sutherland Shire Council – D&C of Still Creek Trashrack solution at Menai

In years gone by trashracks were all the rage. They were seen as a great way to prevent large pollution items and large loads of organics from reaching our creeks and wetlands.

Guess what, they can still be one of the most cost effective solutions for some sites. Due to their medium level of performance, but low level of capital cost, and low ongoing maintenance costs.

A well designed trashrack that is graduated, and offline, that has plenty of screening area, with good access for maintenance, can be a valuable asset in the fight against unsightly litter. Council were very happy with the efforts of Optimal Stormwater to demolish an old ineffective trashrack, and then Design and Construct a few high quality one. This also included a self draining sedimentation area downstream, some creek cleaning, a new maintenance pad, fence and some miscellaneous concrete improvements. The trap was hit by its first storm 4 hours after installation!

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