Sutherland Shire Council Cronulla Beach Vertical Pipe Replacement

Optimal Stormwater undertook challenging stormwater rectification works at the rear of Ozone Street, Cronulla which involved the design and construction of a 14m pipe, 10m of which was vertical down the cliff face to an existing ocean outlet.
Optimal Stormwater utilised boom lifts to attach the steel pipe to the rock face which was advantageous in reducing the risk associated with scaffolding gave greater access to the rock face and reduces the need to reach out to undertake the works. The works involved mid-air welding, the construction of a new pit above the rock face and a new connection into an existing outlet pit.

The innovative solution provided Council with a very cost effective stormwater solution. Optimal Stormwater tendered on the construction works, and because of our skills and successful experience they were able to put in a very competitive bid

We can throw our hat to more things than GPTs – we can do innovative pipe work.

Contact and reference at Sutherland Shire Council is Mr. Peter Le 02 9710 0119

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