Sutherland Shire Council – Carina Creek tidal channel restoration, Como

Optimal Stormwater won the construction of the restoration of the tidal channel in Carina Bay Reserve, Como. Carina Creek had suffered from sediment deposition which accumulated at the tidal confluence and subsequently created a barrier above the tidal level, mangroves grew in the sediment barrier, significant anaerobic breakdown occurred and the conveyance of the stormwater system was affected. The solution is to remove the mangroves, remove the sediment barrier and create a new rock lined creek to allow both stormwater out and the tide to enter back in for flushing. The rock lining of the channel has been supplied, delivered, stockpiled and is presently being installed. The construction has been implemented using large sandstone rocks of 500 to 1,000mm in diameter for the foundation. The channel bed has been excavated and smoothened and the foundation sandstone is presently being laid.