Stormwater Treatment at Model Yacht Pond, Centennial Park, Sydney

Optimal Stormwater was previously involved in the design and installation of all the GPTs in Centennial Park, and in the catchments pre-treating Centennial Park.

Another consultant had designed the pond, so the GPT review was added to that project. Optimal Stormwater became involved when the GPT redesign was done, and Optimal Stormwater was engaged to do the construction. Unfortunately there were so many problems with the redesign and proposed works, Optimal Stormwater ended up doing the full redesign again, so it was constructible and wouldn’t blow out the installation timeline or cost.

In the end Centennial Park were delighted with the input and results that Optimal Stormwater were able to achieve, the other consultants design/drawings were put in the bin, and full drawings plus O&M Manual and Data Sheet were provided. The GPT is a P2028 caisson CDS unit, which gets used when there are running sands with high groundwater tables. It’s a much trickier CDS unit, with the caisson being both the formwork and the outer shell of the device. The solution also included exclusion bars, rockwork and fencing as shown below.

Image 109 Image 110

Image 111 Image 112

The works were completed for Antoun Civil as the head contractor, working for Coffey Projects as the Project Manager for Centennial Park.