Stormwater Harvesting at Myimbarr Wetlands with Shellharbour City Council

Optimal Stormwater was firstly engaged to do a peer review of another consultant’s design when costs blew out. As a consequence of the recommendations, Optimal was engaged to do a redesign of the project. The solution was innovative and involved simultaneous extraction of water from a lake/wetland for direct treatment & irrigation of sporting ovals.
Water is to be extracted from a wetland, at 6L/s and sent for treatment, then distribution for sports field irrigation. The extraction and treatment were complicated by the need to have a submerged offtake 15m out into the wetland, and a high treatable flowrate.

Optimal Stormwater also tendered for the construction works, and won this too. Having had extensive experience in both design AND construction of these systems gave Council a lot of confidence that the design would be delivered on time and on budget.

The works include construction of a site building for the treatment and UV disinfection, a bioretention basin for treatment of the backwash from the filters, stainless steel piles for securing the offtake pipe, a custom vertical bar strainer for ease of ongoing maintenance at the offtake, water levels sensors and controls remote from the main wetland body, plus several hundred meters of high pressure large diameter piping.

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