Shellharbour City Council – D&C GPT at Albion Park Rail

Optimal Stormwater was selected for the design and construction of the next 2 GPTs for Shellharbour City Council. Optimal Stormwater had the best understanding of the project, and what was in Council’s long term best interest.

Optimal Stormwater proposed to move the GPT site, upsize the GPT, and enlarge the sump volume to decrease the cleaning frequency.

The whole project eventually contained a customised P1512 CDS unit, with double depth sump, and insitu diversion chamber. The project also contained a large driveway, and some other site enhancements proposed by Optimal were also installed. Council showed a high degree of interest, and capacity building was another key outcome that Council got, but working with Optimal Stormwater

The solution has also been designed so a pumpwell and elevated wetland could be added for secondary treatment, enhanced biodiversity and improved site aesthetics.

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