Pittwater Council 8 Stormwater Harvesting Feasibility and Concept Designs

Optimal Stormwater was deemed to have the knowledge, skills and resources to assess the next 8 potential stormwater harvesting sites.

Optimal Stormwater was chosen for the investigation, feasibility and concept design of the next 8 harvesting sites within Pittwater, based on previous successful projects, and maximizing the project outputs within the available funding.

Seven sites were selected by Council, and Optimal Stormwater added an extra one that if felt deserved to be on the list.

For each site, an investigation was done on the stormwater infrastructure, catchment area, offtake locations, water balances, treatment processes, storages, ballpark costing and a determination of $/kL.

Image 228Image 229Image 230Image 231

Each site obviously had different opportunities and constraints, but the solutions were designed with a degree of commonality in mind, to simplify the ongoing operation once constructed. Reliability was a focus of the designs.

These concept designs and costings are now ready and waiting for the next round of grant funds to assist with the affordability of each project.