Pirrama Park, Alexandra Oval, Waterloo Oval, Stormwater Harvesting Design for City of Sydney

At Pirrama Park, an extension of the existing storage was designed. This was a 200kL Humes Rainvault storage system. We also designed access points, rising mains, plus additional communication lines.

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At Alexandria Oval, we did a complete redesign of the stormwater harvesting concept scheme done by a less experienced consultant. It included: offtake, primary treatment, 150kL storage, pumps, piping, telemetry, controls, screen filter, multimedia filter, UV disinfection and more.

At Waterloo Oval, we did the full detail design of a CDS Unit primary treatment, 150kL storage, submersible pumps, piping, telemetry, switching, controls, screen filter, multimedia filter, UV disinfection, drawings, documentation.

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