Northern Beaches Council – Bassett Street, Mona Vale Pollution Boom Decommission and Replacement

In 2020 Optimal Stormwater was commissioned by Northern Breaches Council to decommission the existing floating pollution boom in the tidal stormwater channel at Bassett Street, Mona Vale and replace it with one of improved design and construction. The existing boom was in a poor state of repair and difficult to access for maintenance, often necessitating use of a boat. In consultation with a leading pollution boom supplier, Optimal stormwater designed a new device that was more durable, able to rise and fall with the tide and less likely to lose pollution. The downstream end of the boom is designed to break-away at the mounting point in event of a flood, saving the device from damage. Importantly, the boom is positioned diagonally across the channel to direct pollution to the maintenance access ramp for easy cleaning without use of a boat.