North Sydney Council Rainwater Harvesting Concept and Detail Designs

Optimal Stormwater was recommended to Council as one of the leaders in the area of stormwater harvesting, and asked to quote the feasibility, concept design and detail design of a niche harvesting project in Milsons Point, Sydney.
The project involved a water balance by tapping into two nearby roofs on the theatre and sailing club. The roof drainage was redesigned to divert into a new 30kL above ground polymer tank. It was challengingly difficult to not overload the lower system, but we did it.

From the polymer tank, the water is sent by a Davey Rainbank system to the toilet blocks, and a local “community garden” where people who live in highrise apartments and flats are able to grow fruit and vegetables.

The park will shortly have a potable and non-potable supply, and the community will be able to be even more sustainable than they are at present.

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