Mosman Municipal Council – Balmoral Beach Channel Improvement Works

In 2020 Optimal Stormwater was commissioned by Mosman Municipal Council to design improvements to the watercourse discharging to popular Balmoral Beach. The watercourse was subject to severe erosion and sediment deposition as a consequence of urban stormwater flows. The headwall at the downstream end of the watercourse routinely blocked with organic debris (e.g. trees, branches, leaves) leading to flooding of Balmoral Water Sports Centre and the adjacent Balmoral Sea Scouts meeting hall. The Scope of Work included: detailed design of watercourse improvements (e.g. identification of debris, weeds and foreign material to be removed); bank stabilisation; sandstone block walls to protect the banks from scour and debris control structure. Optimal Stormwater was subsequently engaged to design and construct exclusion bars on the headwall to reduce the likelihood of it blocking in future.