May 2019 City of Ryde Stormwater Harvesting Audit Rectification

Optimal Stormwater were engaged to audit Meadowbank Park and Ryde Park Stormwater Harvesting Projects.  The schemes are designed to supply treated stormwater for irrigation. 

The Ryde Park Stormwater Harvesting Scheme collects flows from a 20ha catchment and includes Top Ryde Shopping centre.  Stormwater flows to a CDS Gross Pollutant Trap off Argyle Ave and distributed filtration units,   Considerable works where identified to revitalise the harvesting scheme and restore operations including:

  • level switch installation,
  • improved sampling and monitoring of the system,
  • installation of a water meter with a data logger to monitor the recycled water volume and irrigation water supplied.
  • UV system cleaning and service
  • recommissioned (electrical and mechanical),
  • electrical drawings of the pump control board,
  • UV board and main board
  • pipe works to be rectified according to AS3500,
  • solenoid master valve needs to be installed, irrigation leaks to be rectified.