Marrickville Council – CDS Unit Repair and Upgrade

Key staff at Optimal Stormwater have had a long standing relationship with our key subcontractors led Marrickville Council to seek advice on issues with one of their GPTs. Optimal Stormwater was selected to upgrade the GPT, with the following works part of the solution: upgrade to a bolt down lid, replace some damaged screens, and coordinate with a cleaning company to clean inside the device and outside the screens. The works also include some hydraulic upgrading benching and smoothing inside the diversion chamber, clearing and repairing the inlet.
It was also determined that the GPT sump storage was too small for the catchment’s load and this was leading to a need for very frequent cleaning. Accordingly, Optimal Stormwater proposed to enlarge the sump within the existing device.

Image 153 Image 154 Image 155

This sort of upgrade and improvement is only able to be provided by companies with extensive understanding of the functional and structural elements of every GPT.