Leichhardt Council GPT Rehabilitation – Evan Jones Reserve

Because of the experience of the Optimal Stormwater staff, designers, engineers and the subcontractors who work with us every day, we have the knowledge and resources to overcome any type of GPT rectification project.

Because of our vast experience in not just GPT design, but also GPT installation, and not just for CDS units, but a wide range of GPTs, we understand what is required to make them work, and how to make that happen.

For this project, a CDS unit had surcharged and Optimal Stormwater was invited to observe a Council cleaning and inspect the device to try and determine why. It was quick to identify some of the problems with the device, and some further investigation of the system identified others.

The rectification works entailed, a 200% clean, full screen removal, cleaning behind the screens, new screens installed, low flow diversion cap installed, the old lid demolished, and a new C-Swirl lid installed, with an insitu lid surround.

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