Lane Cove Council – Design and Construct VortCapture GPT

Optimal Stormwater was selected by Lane Cove to design and construct a GPT at Bent Lane, Greenwich. The site was earmarked for a GPT to help improve downstream water quality and flooding alleviation. The design was given to us as the site had a few problems, the gradient was steep and the pipework had some unusual in-situ brickwork pits.

The site, the catchment above it, and the stormwater conveyances transporting the flow and pollution had to be considered together. The site had sufficient room for any kind of suitable GPT but with grades of up to 15% careful selection was required. After a 32 point process we decided a VortCapture unit would give the most cost effective performance for this particular site. The VortCapture is not a very common GPT but performs similar to a CDS unit with much lower costs, but it’s only suited to certain sites and situations.

LaneCove1-1.jpg LaneCove1-2.jpg

LaneCove1-3.jpg LaneCove1-4.jpg

LaneCove1-5.jpg LaneCove1-6.jpg


With the landscape.

LaneCove1-7.jpg LaneCove1-8.jpg

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The site was rectified with a neat solution providing upstream protection of the creek and bioretention system. The Lane Cove Council reference is Jacky Zheng 02 9911 3656.