Ku-Ring-Gai Council Allan Small Oval, Killara Stormwater Harvesting Design, Construction & Commissioning

Optimal Stormwater was selected for the Design and Construction of a large stormwater harvesting tank at Alan Small’s Oval in Killara.
The project proved very challenging with once again hitting poor ground conditions, rock and water pouring through the site. But the team at Optimal Stormwater were up to the challenge (where a previous company had failed and left the site).

A large 159kL insitu concrete tank was done, to provide storage for the existing offtake and treatment via bio-filtration from a creek upstream. The treated water will run through the treatment and connection piping into the new tank.
In the access shaft, multiple blockouts were attached for the future connection of the incoming stormwater, potable top up, electricity and communications, plus the outgoing pipe and an overflow.

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