Fairfield City Council, Sizing, Siting and Detail Design of their next 7 GPTs

Based on the success of the previous project, Optimal Stormwater was once again selected to do the catchment analysis, sizing, siting, concept design, concept drawings, hydraulic analysis, MUSIC modelling, detail design, drawings for Construction and full specifications for their next 6 sites, that encompassed 7 GPTs.

The project is nearing completion, and the first site will be under construction any day now. That site is on a small industrial catchment, where the solution involved the addition of gully pits, road redesign, embankment stabilisation and erosion control at the outlet, as well as the GPT. The solution takes into account the site hydraulics in normal events and large flooding events where water could be going overland 1m above the GPT!

The other sites also incorporate some innovative elements to solve multiple problems that exist in the vicinity. One of the largest solutions is on a large open channel and the site hydraulics are very interesting and challenging, producing a solution that has to take pollution loads and public safety into account at the same time. The photos below show inappropriate hydraulic controls, polystyrene pollution overload, industrial oil dumping, and fibre optic cables to be just some of the challenges we faced.

Image 53 Image 54

Image 55 Image 56