Dubbo Regional Council – Paringa Place Wellington – Design and Construction of GPT – Ocean Save OS1515

In 2020 Optimal Stormwater won the tender to design and construct three (3) GPTs for Dubbo Regional Council. Total tender value for design and construction of the three GPTs – just over $1.1M. The third site was at Paringa Place, Wellington with a 16ha catchment on very steep twin 375mm pipes discharging to the Macquarie River. After careful consideration of the site and site characteristics, Optimal Stormwater determined that an OceanSave 1515 was the most suitable GPT to perform the job. The OceanSave 1515 combines vortex separation and screening to effectively trap pollution, whilst being able to handle a high flow rate and store the required offline pollution. Optimal Stormwater has a lot of experience in design and construction of large CDS Units and the OceanSave however, is a newly available high performance vortex-type GPT similar to a CDS Unit.