Design and Construction of a CDS Gross Pollutant Trap, Hunter Park, Mosman

Henry & Hymas undertook site investigations of the drainage system (location, levels and conditions of pits and pipes) and hydraulic design for a CDS Gross Pollutant Trap to be installed in Hunter Pk, Balmoral as part of Mosman Council’s Stormwater Management Program. As part of the project, a detailed survey was carried out of the site to MGM coordinates and AHD datum. The GPT was be located close to the outlet of an approximately 10Ha catchment discharging into Edwards Beach, Balmoral. H&H also had to assess the impacts following the CDS unit installation on the hydraulic capacity of the existing drainage systems. Hydraulic modelling was undertaken using DRAINS software whilst a water quality model was developed using MUSIC software.

The staff at Optimal Stormwater plus Henry & Hymas have a long history with GPTs, hydraulic impact assessments, and design of stormwater quality and harvesting solutions.

This is the 22nd GPT the staff at Optimal Stormwater have been involved with at Mosman Council since 1996.

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