Cronulla Park Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Scheme, Sutherland Shire Council

The Optimal Stormwater staff that also work with Henry & Hymas were awarded the design of a stormwater harvesting reuse scheme at Cronulla Park. The design included primary, secondary and tertiary treatment to achieve the desired outcome of irrigation without access control in a busy park as well as toilet flushing. The surface runoff from a 3.5ha catchment, zoning is primarily for residential and commercial development, is harvested from a 450mm RCP.
A CDS unit is used as primary treatment while Stormtech tanks (300kL storage in total) are used to provide storage and additional treatment. The underground stormtech tanks were sized to provide 90% reliability in the irrigation supply of the park. Carbon and zeolite filtration and UV disinfection and chlorination are provided as tertiary treatment. When commissioned (November 2008), it was the first large scale endeavour for Sutherland Shire Council where stormwater was harvested from the public drainage network. The reuse water was for toilet flushing and irrigation. Contact and reference at Sutherland Shire Council is Mr. Peter Le 02 9710 0119

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Since that project, Optimal Stormwater has done a lot of work with Sutherland Shire Council, including the design and construction of:
• 2 GPTs
• Rectification of 3 GPTs
• D&C of stormwater capacity upgrades
• Maintenance of several GPTs
• D&C of exclusion bars on 2 projects
• Advice on the sizing and siting of stormwater treatment solutions
• 5 feasibility and concept designs
• 3 detail designs for stormwater treatment