2020 City of Sydney – GPT Auditing, MUSIC modelling, Rectifications

In 2020 Optimal Stormwater audited the City of Sydney GPTs for a second time, and a larger number. This fed into rectification works and MUSIC modelling to determine if the City was on track to reach its pollution removal targets and protect Sydney Harbour.

There were 68 devices in Council ownership, and about the same in private ownership to be audited next. The auditing outcomes produced the Rectification program and Optimal Stormwater was engaged under the SSROC contract to facilitate multiple rectifications and upgrades.

The MUSIC model for the northern and southern catchments in Sydney was updated to include improved information on all their GPTs, and determine if they were on track to reach their pollution removal commitments.

Optimal Stormwater audited then upgraded over 50 GPTs.