City of Sydney – Alexandria Oval, Stormwater Harvesting Construction & Commissioning

Optimal Stormwater was selected for the construction of a stormwater harvesting solution in Alexandria at Alexandria Oval for the City of Sydney.
The project involved a drop offtake from a Sydney Water covered stormwater culvert, with gravity feed into an SMS GPT. The Submerged Maxi Screen is GPT is focused on maximising the screening area and pump protection, it is not designed to be a high performance GPT, it is designed to offer the most reliable supply of water to the pumpwell and harvesting solution.

The solution also involved the use of an underground tank installation, an underground Offtake and GPT, underground Stormtech storage arches, plus a Screening Filter, Media Filtration, Disinfection and a control system to make it all work. The equipment was retrofitted into an existing plant room with an easy to use control system with the end result beautiful harvested stormwater.

Sydney-Alexandria1-1 Sydney-Alexandria1-2 Sydney-Alexandria1-3