City of Ryde Council – Investigate and Rectification Lardelli Stormwater Pond

In September 2019 Optimal Stormwater won the contract to undertake Investigate and Rectification Lardelli Stormwater Pond. The waterbody has both a water quality and water quantity function. In large events upstream lines overflow into the pond and it provides regional detention. In smaller events, all the pollution from the surrounding development flows through GPTs into the pond. The Lardelli Pond can be quite a beautiful feature, and a real asset to the local community, but ongoing poor water quality was resulting bird deaths. Issues addressed byOptimal Stormwater include: reasons for bird deaths; poor information on the GPTs and performance; pond water level control; GPT cleaning and then rectifications; algae bloom management; pond outlet controls; and new enhanced aerators. The project outcome is a pond that is maintained at the correct design water level, has a protected outlet, greatly reduced algae, primary treatment GPTs rectified to 100% capacity, new and aerators. Lardelli Stormwater Pond now looks great and they have been no more reports of bird deaths.