Boondah Council Depot Stormwater Harvesting Design for Pittwater Council

Council approached Optimal Stormwater to do the design of a harvesting system at their Council works depot due to Optimal’s experience in stormwater treatment and stormwater harvesting. They needed it done very quickly, and valued the knowledge that Optimal Stormwater already had about their system, gained when an audit was done on the site’s stormwater treatment.
Stormwater is virtually untreated when it leaves the site and enters a manmade wetland. This has taken a lot of pollution load for a lot of years, and suspected to be quite full of organics and sediment. The wetland is poorly flushed and subject to algal blooms.

But with dredging and some pretreatment added, it will make an excellent facility to act as both storage and treatment.

Water then gets extracted and put through treatment 200micron screening, media filtration and UV, then into a new 20kL above ground insitu concrete storage tank. The oval for irrigation is right next door and the control system can be safely locked away within the Council depot.

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