Birchgrove Park, Stormwater harvesting detailed design, Leichhardt Council, NSW

Optimal Stormwater have completed the stormwater harvesting feasibility study for Leichhardt Council in Sydney. Following this Optimal Stormwater was engaged to do the concept and detail design.
The site has multiple constraints that are physical, political and fiscal.

The solution will be a compromise between maintaining park functionality, aesthetics, and minimising contaminated soil removal, whilst maximising the capture, treatment and storage of stormwater passing next to the site.

The process has involved a survey, services search, catchment analysis, historical review of water usage, prediction of future water usage, impacts of climate change, stormwater diversion, pretreatment, pumpwells, pumps, controls, review of storage options and locations, review of irrigation system connections and limitations to optimise the harvesting design, drawings and specifications for Council to be able to tender the construction of the scheme.

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Based on their experience of working with Optimal Stormwater, the design of a GPT (a different project) which was previously awarded to another major Sydney consultant was taken from them and given to Optimal Stormwater. We know what we’re doing and do it well. The project contact is Mr David Paton 0418 603 066