2020 City of Kingston Council – GPT Condition Assessment

In February 2020 Optimal Stormwater won the tender to undertake a condition assessment of 18 stormwater quality improvement measures.

The Scope of Work for the GPT Audit includes: site inspection; traffic management for sites within roadways; site specific GPT Audit Report identifying all the positive and negative elements, validation of the device, model and all the key features; problems (e.g. inadequate cleaning, hydraulic issues, civil, structural, access, or WHS); Report with Summary and Recommendations; Data Sheet for every site, containing all the key information about the device, plus the table that allows accurate monitoring in the future for every device; Rectification Spreadsheet with options to improve each device as required; ballpark costing of all options on the Rectification Spreadsheet to assist Council with future budgeting and prioritisation; and PowerPoint presentation of the GPT Audit.