2019 Fairfield GPT Audit

Fairfield City Council engaged Optimal Stormwater to audit of 50 gross pollution traps (GPTs) throughout the LGA.   Fairfield City Council well known for their leadership in the stormwater space wanted to revisited GPTs installed throughout the LGA in the preceding decades.    The GPTs reflect the contemporary practice consist of Cleansalls, CDS units, Ecosols, end of pipe nets, baskets, booms and filters. 

Our staff are trained to enter confined spaces for proper inspection of screens, stanchions, pollutant breakthrough (many devices suffer from fine sediments and pollutants building up in areas beyond the screen impacting operation) weir operation, structural condition and defects.

We assess the quality of the structure, installation, corrosion, surcharging and bypassing potential, etc.  A photo record is prepared capturing the integrity of the device and flaws, deficiencies and rectifications required. 

Fairfield Council are now well positioned to prioritise rectification work, upgrade GPTs and plan for new GPTs.