2016 Australian Capital Territory GPT & WSUD Audit

The ACT has been a pioneer in trashrack and GPT implementation since the 1980s and it was timely that a review was conducted prior to an escalation of water quality focus activity in the area.  Optimal Stormwater teamed with Alluvium for the Review of the ACT Water Quality Infrastructure. 

A sample of operational assets which included structural devices (GPTs. Trashracks, booms etc) were audited along side water sensitive urban design assets including wetland, ponds and biofiltration.  Interviews were conducted with staff involved in the operation and maintenance of these assets to inform the review from a practical day to day experience. 

Developers and designers were also consulted and feedback provided to ACT Government.  Although only a sample of GPTs were audited ACT have a better understanding of their infrastructure performance and are preparing for the balance of GPTs to be audited throughout the territory.