Auditing – Stormwater harvesting infrastructure

Optimal Stormwater provide physical, technical, and operational and process proving auditing of stormwater, groundwater and rainwater harvesting projects. Our operations teams conduct site investigations auditing of mechanical, process, electrical, automation and mechanical infrastructure.

If you have operational problems, we will identify the root cause and provide options and recommendation.

Most stormwater harvesting schemes include gross pollution traps or pollution exclusion offtakes. These critical assets need to be included in the audit because if these fail the scheme will fail prematurely.

Many harvesting projects we are engaged to audit require works. Deficiencies, rectification and optimisation of treatment process, equipment and operation will be reported, costed and implemented.

Auditing water quality through sampling and lab or local analysis to understand the process performance is also provided. Diagrams, photo graphic records, concepts and detailed advice accompanies our audit reports.

We are familiar with the governance and regulatory requirements for recycled water and will report level of compliance in relation to public health and environmental health. Where projects are ‘non-compliant’ or unsafe we will advocate upgrades to achieve water quality targets.
Plants will be recommissioned and new management and testing plans introduced. Water balance modelling is carried also carried out using metered data to calibrate to report against sustainability targets. Detailed reporting, risk assessment and process optimisation plans are prepared for each scheme
Based on auditing of over 40 stormwater harvesting schemes it is evident that the stormwater industry needs on-going training and support to develop more robust projects. Optimal is committed to supporting the industry transition to a more holistic understanding of the nature of sustainable stormwater harvesting.

Our auditing work is complimented by our other capabilities including operation, maintenance and design and construction of stormwater harvesting projects.