Auditing – Gross Pollution Traps, Trashracks and all Proprietary Devices

Optimal’s auditing team has extensive knowledge and understanding of gross pollution traps, trash racks, sediment traps, media filters, oil & grit separators, baffle traps, pollution nets, booms, basket & bags ie all proprietary device and soft engineered or WSUD assets.. Based on decades of product development, design, extensive field work and technical assessment we understand the strengths and weaknesses of these assets and provide unique insights on how to improve performance, optimise operation and environmental outcomes.

Through our auditing we identify asset condition, specification and rectification works needed to improve performance and optimise operating regimes to ensure best value. Often reasons for lack of performance can be readily identified and rectification carried.
Physical auditing is complimented with catchment mapping, characterisation and pollution modelling (MUSIC). Actual performance data such as weight dockets are compared with pollutant load estimates and gaps analysed.
Armed with valuable information and data customers feel empower with make better choices when planning for future water quality projects.

Information collated and questions answered in the audit includes:

  • Assets type and model
  • Asset specification and pollution storage volumes
  • Operation and maintenance, needs for monitoring, and triggers for maintenance
  • Performance expectation, ie how much should be collected and expected cleaning frequency
  • GPS positioning as well as detailed location information, and photos
  • Is the GPT or asset correctly specified eg oversized, undersized and suitable for the application
  • Do you know if your GPTs are actually operational (they can be non-operational before cleaning and non-operational after cleaning)
  • Do you have GPTs that are cleaned once or twice a year, but you don’t know if this is enough
  • Do you have sites with flooding, surcharging, litter complaints, odour issues, vermin problems, etc.
  • We can provide capacity building for Councils specific to their own devices if desired.

Optimal Stormwater understand operational and maintenance needs for stormwater infrastructure. Through our audit work we are able to tailor operation and maintenance for a whole of LGA or development for the best spend.