Optimal Stormwater finalises stormwater harvesting design and construction for Kogarah Council

Optimal Stormwater won the design and construction of a reasonably small harvesting system for the Kogarah Council depot at Carlton.

A previous harvesting system was in place on a Sydney Water channel nearby, and Optimal Stormwater was selected to upgrade the offtake works, plan a new rising main to get this water to the Council depot, install a new treatment and disinfection system, and store the water in new elevated polymer tanks.

The harvested water is used for high pressure washing of garbage trucks and fill tankers for remote irrigation of median strips, parks and gardens. It was designed and constructed to allow for a recycled water extension to the nearby sportsfield for Council to consider as a future project.

The water was desired to have a 0.5mg/L chlorine residual, so a sodium hypochlorite dosing system was used for the disinfection. This is Optimal Stormwater’s first chlorine stormwater treatment plant so we now have designed and constructed every kind of stormwater treatment system possible and are able to choose between multiple types of stormwater treatment systems for future projects.