Murray Powell presenting at the 2024 Victoria Stormwater Conference

Our General Manager and Vice President of Stormwater NSW, Murray Powell, led an impactful workshop titled “VIC Guidelines for the Maintenance of Stormwater Treatment Measures.”
This full-day workshop comprehensively covered all aspects of Operations and Maintenance for various stormwater treatment measures. These guidelines, now adopted by Stormwater VIC, have become the Australian industry standard and a primary reference for maintaining stormwater assets nationwide. The workshop was specifically tailored for Maintenance Managers, Cleaning Contractors, and Council staff involved in the sizing, siting, and approval of stormwater treatment measures.

On the conference’s third day, Murray delivered a highly insightful presentation titled “Casey Council Gross Pollutant Trap Rectifications – Lessons for All Councils.” His presentation provided valuable insights and practical lessons for councils, receiving positive feedback from participants and council representatives.

We take great pride in Murray’s contributions and the positive impact our VIC team continues to have on advancing stormwater management practices.